The moral imperative of boycotting Chinese products

China has entered the 21st century determined to be nasty and aggressive. There are many parallels between China and Germany in the lead up to World War 1. Germany at the time thought it was not getting enough respect. They planned on a quick war but it did not turn out that way. As with the Germans before them, China would like to have a short war with one of its neighbors and get eternal deference from the rest. The country to attack is likely to be a choice between Japan and Vietnam.

China is now an ugly bully that wants to start a war for the most idiotic of reasons. Millions may die as a consequence and the world will become a much darker place. What can be done to stop China’s belligerence? In the first instance, anyone who loves peace and abhors war should do their utmost to avoid buying Chinese-made goods. Beyond that, avoid giving custom to businesses that stock Chinese-made goods. Even avoid Chinese food. Make that a rule for living. If you want to stop war in the 21st century, that is the most basic thing you have to do.
China's claimed area in the South China Sea
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